Sunday, May 2, 2010


Did I mention I got a job?  No?  Well, I got a job.  I start tomorrow.


It took three months, but I think it was worth the wait.  I had the brokerage offers when I first got here, but I really wanted to switch to underwriting, and that’s what this is.  I’m starting off on a 6 month contract to fill in for a lady who is out on maternity leave.  If a permanent role opens up, they’ll sponsor me and keep me on full-time and I’ll get to stay.  If not, I’ll spend these next 6 months networking so hopefully I can get something else ASAP once my contract is up, get my sponsorship, and stay down under for a while to come.  With the connections and the Aussie work experience under my belt, I don’t imagine it will be difficult.  Also, they don’t mind that I’m taking a 2 week vacation back to the States after only 3 weeks of work, so that’s good.  After all, I’m in the wedding party of friends I’ve known for nearly half my life… I sort of have to go (and I want to go).

So yeah – details on how the job is going will follow in the next week or two.  In addition, look for blog posts on these topics during the month of May:

 1.  Delicious religious sects
 2.  How Caesar Salad is delusional
 3.  Hot van-on-bus action
 4.  Bright red macaroni and cheese


  1. congrats. I am so happy for you~! send me details of where and doing what!

  2. Awesome new Phill! Congratulations! Are you ever on Skype anymore? I never see you online. Do we need to setup an appt to meet up and chat one of these days?