Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Super Tasty Christians

“Super Tasty Christians” is the second part of a three part series:  “Beyond Sydney:  Day Trips & Shit.”  Look for the final installment in the days to come.

My first real excursion away from Sydney came the Tuesday before I began work.  Oscar and I woke up at the crack of dawn and hopped on a train to the tourist trap town of Katoomba – two hours away - in the Blue Mountains.  The Blue “Mountains” don’t really look like mountains.  Maybe more like little mountains?  Or itty bitty mountains?  Mountainitas?

Ok, they look like hills.

Whatever.  We’ll give them the name “mountains” because I think that’s all they’ve got here.  Anyway, the day was great.  We did some hiking, rode a few cable car type things, did some more hiking, rode a super steep railway car type thing, hiked, saw some rock formations and waterfalls and cascades, did some more hiking, ate some chocolate, hiked a little bit more.  You know, the usual.

Did I mention the tasty Christians?  Oh well, I shall tell!

So, a few weeks before our trip, I was reading a news article about a religious sect that operates a café in Katoomba.  I had to go.  Of course I wikipediaed them and it turns out that they believe that Jesus will come back if they recreate the way the church was back in the first century.  Or something like that.  They’ve been compared to Jews for Jesus because they celebrate Jewish holidays.  But they believe in Jesus so they are Christian and not Jewish.  Just like “Jews” for Jesus.  They’re Christian too.

So, anyway, each little community lives on a commune and I think some of them grow food and they use that food to operate a café which is how they make money.  They home school and have been accused of child labor and our experience there showed that they were a little bit socially awkward.  Not like crazy foaming at the mouth Branch Davidians in Waco awkward.  More like we’ve seen spaceships and been zapped by something awkward.  You know what I mean?

But, whatever they were zapped by has done wonders for their little café.  I had a chicken sandwich.  No big deal, right?  Well, it tasted fresh and organic and very healthy and overall placed a delightful flavor in my mouth that left me wanting more.  Oscar ordered nachos and of course I was skeptical because we weren’t in Texas but I tell you those nachos were absolutely divine.  Crisp, not soggy, with the ideal combination of beans, cheese, tomatoes, and the likes.  Maybe they should stop trying to recreate the first century and lure Jesus back with those nachos instead.  I swear it would work.  Plus, the inside of the café was super adorable.  Over all, I’ll say that those were some damn tasty Christians.  Or something like that.

Of course I have pictures…

Riding on your mom.  Sorry!  I mean the world’s steepest funicular railway.  Whatever that is.

The Three Sisters.  Feminine rocks?  They look pretty butch to me...

Maybe Oscar has a crush on the queen?  He's totally out of her league.

I like my men like I like my chicken:  milk chocolate and cheeky!

The Giant Staircase!  900 steps!  I think we did about 50 and turned around.

The café menu.  Even the description on the front is a bit tree-hugging hippie first century Jesus, eh?  Click to enlarge if you're so inclined.

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  1. Christian boys do taste better than Jewish ones. Especially smothered in cilantro paste. yum.