Thursday, February 18, 2010

Margaret Thatcher's Frigid Hole

For those of you who know me, you know I'm a huge nerd.  I play Boggle.  I play Scrabble.  And I love trivia.  Especially trivia at a pub where beer is involved.

I had two weekly trivia nights in Seattle.  The first was at Finn McCool's Irish Pub for about a year when I first arrived in Seattle.  My team was good - so good in fact that me and our team's other MVP made the trivia's MySpace page top 8 friends for months.  This was, of course, back when MySpace was the shit.  Now it's just shit.  The second trivia was more recently - for my last few months in Seattle - at The Monkey Pub.  We had some good weeks, and with both of my teams, our team names rocked and always got the attention of the hosts and others.

So, what did I do when I arrived in Sydney?  I scoped out trivia nights.  There's a ton here.  A ton!

So far I've been to two.  The first was on my birthday - yay! - at the Light Brigade Bar.  It was hard.  HARD.  Our brave team came in 10th out of 11 teams.  Booo.  Last night we decided to check out the trivia at Durty Nelly's Irish Pub.  This girl from LA was at the table next to us and she was totally like "Well, we're the reigning champions" and I was like "Oooo, I'm shivering."  We showed that bitch.  1st place, baby!

We won a $100 gift card to the restaurant/pub where the trivia is held AND this groovy t-shirt:

Special shout out to Ross for all his help!  And to my roomies and their posse of foreigners (we had people from Australia, USA, Brazil, Indonesia, and Croatia - Damn, Gina!)

Oh - and I bet you're wondering what Margaret Thatcher's Frigid Hole has to do with this, aren't you?

That was our team name.


  1. so glad there wasn't any sports questions!

  2. that's a NAUGHTY name young man- very awesome. love the shirt too!

  3. YAY! great name and awesome shirt! very appropriate for you :) we have a durty nelly's on the river in SA! i wonder if it is a happy coincidence or a chain... hmm... i've never seen trivia there, so i'm guessing coincidence.