Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greatest Accomplishment Thus Far

Today I am excited to report that I accomplished something very, very great.  Today, just today, I went to EVERY single Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop on the entire continent of Australia!  Every one.  ALL of them.  Can you believe it?!?!?  I feel so accomplished.  Not many people can get to every single Ben & Jerry's in their country ever, but I did all of Australia in just one day!  And Australia is a HUGE ASS country!  What a feat!

I had a double scoop in a waffle cone - typical, safe Vanilla with exciting, exotic Phish Food to complement it perfectly.  Oh Ben!  Oh Jerry!  Who knew something like this could come out of Vermont?!?

What?  What's that?  Oh.  Well, yes, I'm aware that there's only one Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in all of Australia.  It just opened in November.  So, what's your point?

Whatever.  It's still an accomplishment.  And it still counts.


  1. hey Phil, we don't have ANY Ben & Jerry's Shops in Austria... I'd have to go to Spain to geht that delicious ice cream - I don't think that there is a B&J Shop any closer...

  2. They have a website for Ben & Jerry's in Austria! I bet they do have one... though, I can't translate German: