Monday, January 3, 2011

Pretty Pictures From A National Park With A Strange Name

Ok, sorry for the interruption, but I just had to blog about the whole Chrissie thing.  Now back to John’s visit.  After our Palm Beach excursion, John and I headed to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.  Ku-ring-gai either (1) means something in an Aboriginal language (2) is a tasty Chinese noodle and egg dish or (3) is how “Cool ring, guy!” sounds when you have a mouth full of crackers.  I’ll assume it’s the first option, but the second and third totally sound right too.

We had a pleasant few hours at the park, and there really isn’t much all that entertaining to write about.  So, I’ll just show you tons of photos instead.  Starting with the view of Lion Island and the Pacific Ocean from West Head (haha – I said “head”… haha!)

And a view of the peninsula where Palm Beach sits (it’s on the other side facing the ocean).

To get from Palm Beach to where we snapped this photo took about an hour by car.  Thanks, nature.  I could’ve swam that faster.  Though I guess the highway had a lower chance of shark attack.

It wasn’t all nature at Ku-ring-gai Chase.  There were historical artifacts too, like this Aboriginal cave painting of a hand or a Thanksgiving turkey

(Only the Americans are going to know why this looks like a Thanksgiving turkey, but any Aussies who can convey an understanding of this will get two points which can be redeemed at a later date for my respect and/or affection).

We did some hiking on the loop trail.

We got about 80% of the way along the loop trail when we realized the loop trail doesn’t quite loop back to the parking lot like the map said it would.  I wasn’t a happy camper.

Ok, let’s keep moving.

We went down to Resolute Beach.  Notice the kayaks…

There was a straight couple in the water having sex or at the very least getting awfully frisky with each other.  They must’ve kayaked over from Palm Beach and didn’t think anybody would hike down to the beach.  They were wrong, but I don’t think they cared.  And people wonder why I’m heterophobic…

Then we had to hike back up.

That’s probably why the beach is so resolute.

In addition to the cave paintings of the Thanksgiving turkeys – err – I mean hands… there were also Aboriginal rock carvings.  There were some of dudes!

And some of fish!

And some of kangaroos and/or wallabies!

And look!  John made friends with that guy from the rock carving!

And there are the wallabies that look like beavers or lemurs or anteaters!

We drove a little further to the other end of the park were we found this very high peninsular ridge surrounded by gorges on both side.  It was… gorges!  (haha – get it???)

Well, that’s the extent of my outdoorsy-ness for the year.

Oh crap.  A new year just began, didn’t it?  Does drinking wine on a patio count as outdoorsy for 2011?

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