Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Ok, yes.  I’ve neglected the blog for nearly two weeks.  My apologies.  I promise it won’t happen again.  Let’s do the a quick rundown of the top stories starting with the good:

It’s been warm here.  And sunny.  I like warm and sunny.  I’ve been heading to the beach a bit more lately – including Bondi, Manly, and Coogee.  I’m slowly adding to my friend base and trying to keep occupied with social activities as often as I can.  I have a regular group trivia night each week, along with other various meals, coffees, movies, and markets that I’ve been hitting up with friends.  I’m slowly forming a circle here, and it’s a happy thing.

The bad:  All good things must come to an end, and winter is about to hit.  The typical Sydney winter features bone-chilling blizzards and snowstorms and gallons of hot chocolate consumption while wrapped up in wool socks and seven layers of clothes!!!!!  Ok, I’m being dramatic.  I’ll need a light jacket.  Maybe.  In fact, I’ve already worn a light jacket once at night here, and the past few days I’ve opted for shoes over flip-flops.  But I’m still in shorts.  You’re going to have to pry these shorts from dead, cold body.  Or my very much alive but slightly-chilly body.  Same thing.

The ugly:  I’m being a picky bitch with jobs, and I’m getting bored during the day.  There’s only so many times you can go oooo and ahhh at the Opera House before it gets old.  I need to get to work.  I may start looking for temp jobs next week to hold me over until the perfect opportunity at an insurance company comes along.  The extra cash would be great too.

Or, once again, maybe I’ll just win the lottery or get a sugar daddy.  I’m now accepting applications, so please apply within.

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