Monday, May 14, 2012

Intense Magnum Pleasure

The word “magnum” can bring to mind many different images.  It could be a type of gun, a type of car, or even a dude from a TV show.  But the very first thing that comes to mind is very different for Australians and Americans.

When Australians here the world “magnum”, the first thing they think of is this:

Sold in a wide variety of flavours, Magnum ice cream bars are a staple of Aussie supermarkets and convenience stores – probably even bigger than the Snickers Ice Cream Bars are in the States.

But when Americans here the world “magnum”, the first thing we think of is this:

A brand of condoms.  Extra large condoms.  For men with really big penises.

So, when I see an advertisement like this:

I have to giggle.


And then giggle again.  And of course this photo was taken from the entrance to my apartment – it’s right across the road – so I see it several times daily and it makes me giggle each time.


All you have to do it put a picture of an erect penis wearing a condom in the exact spot where the ice cream bar is and you’ve got a whole new advertisement.  You don’t even need to change the slogan.  The slogan actually works better for a condom advertisement.

This just goes to prove what I’ve been saying for years:  ice cream is a perfectly reliable substitute for sex.

Or something like that.

Are Aussie advertising firms just totally clueless?  Or do they know what the other type of “Magnum” really is and do these things on purpose just to make the American expat community blush a little?

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  1. Oh, how I miss the things you bring up for discussion. You crack me up, Philster! Are you sure the Aussies don't know better by what they're implying with this ad? Seems they're having a little fun with their consumers. Anyway, I expect you to bring me some Anzac biscuits when you return to the states this summer. Oh, and also Miss Anzac Girl's digits from the two-up game! Miss ya. D-List