Sunday, October 2, 2016

Full Year Recap: Route Maps

The little route map at the bottom of my last blog wasn’t really zoomed in enough to give a clear view, so I decided to include a few more route maps here to paint a better picture of my path.  Click on any to enlarge.  Starting with…

Southern Africa:
Entered via Johannesburg, South Africa, then travelled to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, and then continued counter clockwise through Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa (including stops in Lesotho and Swaziland) and ended up back in Johannesburg before flying to Mauritius.

Entered via the only airport on Mauritius, and then travelled around the entire island (but I’ve only put one dot because the island is tiny and they would look all jumbled together anyway).  I then travelled 600km east to Rodrigues by cargo ship and back by airplane before flying to Dubai.  I’m showing this map just to give an idea of where Mauritius (left dot) and Rodrigues (right dot) are located in relation to Africa.

Middle East & South Asia:
Entered via Dubai, United Arab Emirates, then travelled to Delhi, India, and then zig-zagged through India and Nepal before flying out of Kathmandu to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia:
Entered via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, then travelled north to Chiang Mai, Thailand, before travelling more-or-less clockwise through Laos and Vietnam, then skipping over Cambodia to go to Bangkok and Koh Phangan, Thailand, then back via Bangkok to Cambodia before flying out to Taiwan.  Notice the stop in Singapore at the very bottom.  This was earlier on my way from Australia to Africa.

Entered via Kaohsiung, then travelled north to Tainan before heading to Hualien and Taroko Gorge National Park on the east coast, and finishing in Taipei before flying to Japan.

Entered via Tokyo, then travelled all the way up to Sapporo and back, and then all the way down to Fukuoka and back, before flying to the UK.

Entered via London and took two side trips before flying to the USA.

Caribbean/Gulf Region:
Entered via Fort Lauderdale, United States, then did a side trip tour of Texas, followed by another side trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, before heading off to Mexico City and doing a clockwise loop of western Cuba starting and ending in Havana before flying to Central America.

Central America:
Entered via San Jose, Costa Rica, and then slowly headed north overland to Nicaragua.  After departing Central America for Ecuador (shown below), I later stopped in Panama City for a few days before flying to Colombia.

Entered via Cartagena, then travelled south to Medellin (and surroundings) before heading south to the coffee region, and finally east to Bogota (and surroundings) before flying to Argentina.

Southern South America:
Entered via Buenos Aires, Argentina, and immediately took side trips to Montevideo, Uruguay, and Asuncion, Paraguay, before spending a few more days in Bs As.  After that, I flew to Santiago (and surroundings), Chile, before taking two side trips to Punta Arenas and Easter Island, before flying to Peru.

Peru & Ecuador:
Entered Ecuador via Quito and then did a side trip to the Galapagos before flying to Panama.  Two months later, I entered Peru via Lima and travelled counter clockwise around the southern half of the country before flying to the USA.

Entered via Fort Lauderdale (again) and did two side tours:  one to Seattle, Denver, and Fort Worth, and the other to Washington, New York City, and Boston, before once again flying to London – this time to end my gap year.  Sad panda.

Those are the maps, ladies and gentlemen.  Next blog:  Food! FOOODDDDD!!!!!!!

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