Friday, September 7, 2012

Seattle - Part 1

So, I was totally on fire when I was in North America in July and August.  I was hopping from city to city, blogging at the airport as I waited for my next flight.  Never before have I been so prompt with the blogs.  But, of course, all good things must come to an end.  I meant to blog about Seattle right when I arrived back in Sydney, but life took over and I entered slacker mode.  And by slacker mode, I mean the three weeks in between landing and now have been manic and insane and full of work and unpacking and repacking seeing people and so on and so forth.  So at least I have a legitimate excuse.

But, now, as I sit here on a plane back to New York (it’s for work, details to follow in a later blog), I decided it was high time that I finally type something up about my beloved former home.  So, without further ado, I present to you, Seattle! … in food and drink… of course….

Now, you wouldn’t think amazing southern food when you think Seattle, mainly because Seattle is about as far away from the South as you can get.  I mean, Australia is a lot farther, but you know what I mean.  But, two lovely ladies from Alabama opened up a Southern restaurant in my old neighbourhood and voila!  Phill has a favourite.  Fried green tomatoes and hush puppies?  Check!

The world’s best macaroni and cheese?  Check!

(And yes, it is better than mine.  Don’t tell anyone.)

To top it all off:  strawberry shortcake!

But only because they were out of red velvet cake.  And the devastation set in.  I had even e-mailed the restaurant weeks in advance to request the red velvet cake on that day.  Ugh.  Oh well.

Seattle is also far away from Mexico.  But there is something that Seattle does very, very well:  the breakfast burrito!  I had one at the Hi Spot in Madrona…

And then another two days later at The Dish in Fremont.  You can never have too many breakfast burritos!

Speaking of Mexican:  I got my favourite Mexican in Seattle while I was in town.  No, it does not compare to the stuff in Texas, but it’s got a bit of Pacific Northwest flair to it.  Butternut squash enchiladas?  Yes, please!  And a jalapeno and cilantro margarita to wash it down.

Jalapeno and cilantro margarita.  You heard me.

Now, it wouldn’t be Seattle without coffee.  I popped into Espresso Vivace for coffee and cake:

And don’t forget late night happy hour at the De Luxe Bar & Grill!  This was a weekly institution when I was in Seattle.  I decided to get both of my usuals, because I couldn’t choose just one and the thought of having to split meals and share them with others was seriously off putting.  Seriously.  Who shares food?  Don’t touch my food.  I got my mini mac n cheese and the pepperdum crusted chicken strips!

Oh!  And I had a big ass sandwich from the Other Coast Café!  Because I went there my first week in Seattle and pretty much went there every week for the four and a half years after that.

And then there was beer!  The crew was keen for the cheapo PBR for like $6 per pitcher but I made them upgrade to Manny’s Pale Ale.  Manny’s Pale Ale, along with Roger’s Pilsner, both come from Georgetown Brewing Co in Seattle.  Manny and Roger are real dudes and I met them once.  That’s about the cream of the crop as far as celebrities go… well, as far as celebrities who I’ve met go…

Also there was pumpkin beer at the Elysian despite it not being October and I was WAYYYY excited about that!

Finally, for dessert:  chocolate!  From the Theo Chocolate Factory – where else?  My mate David’s parents have connections and they got me a little discount on some fair trade, organic orgasmic deliciousness.

Yeah I walked away with a few hundred dollars’ worth of chocolate.  I had to check an extra bag.

Not even shitting you.

And the extra bag fee was totally worth it.  Ain’t nothing like popping in Chocolat on DVD and gorging down on a handful of yummy chocolate confections and maybe a whole chocolate bar or two.

Or six.

Don't judge me.  I was deliriously jetlagged.

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