Saturday, August 11, 2012


I spent a day and a half in Houston – mainly to see my old friends and eat some of the foods that I’ve really missed the most.  One of my best friends – Jenny – had a baby a few months ago, so it was my opportunity to meet Baby Rachel for the first time:


OMG LOOK AT THAT FACE!  I don’t even like babies but I have to admit, she was pretty hard to resist.  She didn’t fuss and she didn’t spit up on me and I didn’t smell one poopy diaper while I was there.  That’s my kind of baby.

On Day 1, Jenny took me to my favourite lunch spot in all of Houston:  Barnaby’s!  I had my usual:  the world’s best chicken sandwich with an iced tea.

We popped by our university for a walk around.  It’s amazing how the campus has changed in the 7 years we’ve been gone.

After a visit with Lilit and her new baby, Carley picked me up to take me for cake and coffee.  I love cake and coffee!

The winner, however, was dinner.  Chuy’s.  I don’t even need to elaborate any more than just saying the name.  Chuy’s.

Fucking delicious Tex-Mex dinner.  At Chuy’s.  I started with a swirl margarita!  It’s half regular lime margarita and half strawberry margarita – frozen of course!

Then there were chips to snack on – with salsa and Chuy’s famous “Creamy J” (Creamy Jalapeno dipping sauce!)

I had tacos and rice and beans and I almost burst I was so excited!

I was joined by brothers Mike and James:

Matt and CW:

Alana and Kat:

And Amber:

Uncle Phill had some quality time with Rachel the next morning:

And then Jenny and I stopped at Goode Co. BBQ on the way to the airport.  I had a turkey sandwich on jalapeno cheese bread doused in their famous BBQ sauce with sides of cole slaw and the world’s best potato salad.  I washed it down with a Dr. Pepper, because, you know, when in Rome…

Next on to Dallas where the food fiesta will surely continue.

Special thanks to everyone who came out to see me in Houston, and extra special thanks to Jenny, James, & Rachel for hosting me!

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