Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flo Becomes A Kitty

She was probably the biggest celebrity in America when I left.  No, no.  It wasn’t Oprah.  It wasn’t Ellen.  It wasn’t even Taylor Swift.

It was Flo.

You know:  Flo…

The Progressive Girl!

Oh yes.  You know her too well.  You love her too much.  But you still probably aren’t moving your insurance away from Geico.  Though, I must say, Flo is way more attractive than that gross little gecko or those unkempt cavemen.

We all love watching Flo on TV, and the year she debuted saw 60% of all females and 20% of all males in America dress up as her for Halloween.  Oh, it takes me back:

I noticed something amazing a few weeks ago.  All of a sudden, Flo has a cousin who lives in Australia!  No way!  Her name:  Kitty.

Hehe.  Kitty.  I wonder if Progressive is choosing quasi-vaginally-related names on purpose or are they just totally clueless?

Or maybe  Kitty isn’t Flo’s cousin.  Maybe she’s her sister.  Maybe the CEO of Progressive separated the fraternal twins at birth sending Kitty off to a faraway land to be raised by strangers as part of an evil scheme of world domination involving the sale of low cost car insurance to people all over the world.


Or maybe not.

Or maybe Progressive is making a go at the Australian car insurance market and they’ve taken all of their American advertising expertise and mimicked it with an Aussie twist:

I like my first theory better.

First it was Costco, then Peter Pan peanut butter, and now Progressive.  The Americanization of Australia continues.

All we need now is Entenmann’s and a decent bagel and we’ll be good to go.


  1. like flo better but kitty has an aussie accent

    1. Kitty isn't even an Aussie - she has a New Zealand accent!

    2. Um don't think so. I live on the Gold Coast so I hear plenty of Kiwi accents. BTW, I've seen both girls in action and think Flo is much hotter .

  2. kitty makes a great halloween costume