Friday, July 29, 2011

Melbourne, Round 2: The Food

Melbourne is widely considered to have the best food in Australia, and my exploration around the city confirmed that.  My days were planned around food, though I barely made a dent in my Melbourne food wish list.  I was super excited to finally get good Ethiopian food on my last trip to Melbourne.  This trip was equally as satisfying.  Just like last time, I dined with Melbourne Charlotte (along with a co-worker and a whole table filled with Kiwis – the people, not the bird or fruit).  And the experience was… deliciously different.

We had Thai food.  Sounds simple enough.  But my yellow chicken curry came served atop a puff pastry.  Combining one of my favourite meals with a delicious, savoury pastry?  Win!

And then there was Charlotte.  She ordered the Pad Thai, and was pleasantly surprised to find it “gift wrapped”… in an omelette!  Yes, that’s right – the menu clearly stated it was “gift wrapped!”  What a nice present!

But it’s not just dinner that Melbourne is good at.  The day begins at breakfast along Degraves Street – a narrow laneway in the CBD that is lined on both sides with the cutest cafes!  The cafes even share all of the tables in the middle of the lane.

Next stop:  the South Melbourne Markets!

The markets have plenty of delicious options for those who love fruit and veggies…

But I headed straight for a delicious coffee:

And maybe some chocolate!

For dinner, I was pleasantly surprised to pass by a TGI Friday’s in South Yarra.  So, I talked Kei & Chris into coming with me for dinner.  We don’t have TGI Fridays in Sydney, and it was nice to have a little taste of the old country.  We had fried mac n cheese for our appetizer and I had chicken tenders for my main meal.  Woohoo!

But the real good stuff in Melbourne can be found along Acland Street in St. Kilda.  There exists a mass of bakeries beyond anything you’ve ever tasted.  Cakes and cupcakes and cookies and croissants and pastries of all sorts.  Oh they are so delicious look to at – and even more delicious to put in your mouth.  You can satisfy yourself at one bakery and then move next door – and then all up and down the block.  Awww yeahhhh…

Oh yeah!  That’s hot!  More!  More!  More!  Oh god!  It’s so good I can’t handle it all!



Was that as good for you as it was for me?

No?  Well, you just don’t appreciate a good cookie like I do.

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