Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let There Be Light

Winter has arrived in Sydney, and it’s damn cold.

Ok fine, it’s not really that cold, but the Aussies aren’t used to it and they just bitch bitch bitch about it all the time.  I’d compare Sydney winter to Seattle winter, but maybe 5 degrees warmer.  It’s been in the 50’s here during the day, 40’s overnight, and raining a lot.  To be honest, I’m sick of it.

Everyone is sick of it.  The days are short and houses are cold, and my shoes are constantly wet from walking to work in the rain.

Aussies love their beaches and they love their sun, and this time of year is just brutal.  What do Aussies need more than anything right now?  Ok, yes – beer.  Always beer.  What’s next?  That’s right.  Light!

To help get us through the short, cool winter, there are a few events, festivals, and sales that take place.  The first one of note is Vivid.  Vivid is “a festival of light, music, and ideas.”  But in my professional opinion, they can get rid of the music and ideas part.  The light part was sufficient.  Basically, they shine pretty lights on a row of buildings in the CBD, including the Sydney Opera House.  The Opera House is done up in vibrant, pretty colors.  Some of the other buildings, including the cathedral, are lit up to tell the history of Australia.

Despite the frigid temperature outside, the whole thing was pretty cool.  I even took some brightly colored pretty pictures and, as I promised, I am sharing them here for you.  First the Opera House, then the cathedral.  Note that I have a crappy little camera and I had to rest it on a bench in order to get the Opera House to come out properly.  In front of the bench was a fence, so there’s this dark line in front of the Opera House on all of my pictures.  I’m not a professional.  Don’t judge me.

And if the light festival isn’t your thing, there’s always the winter sale at Ikea…

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