Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Great American Road Trip: Part 2

Yes, this is Part 2.  Part 1 happened in 2005 when I drove from Florida to Seattle.  I could have called that drive Part 2, but that would have been awfully confusing since it happened first, and one comes before two.  I hope this is all making sense to you.

This Friday I'll be taking off on my journey back to Florida, complete with one Nissan Pathfinder loaded full of all my crap.  Wait.  Did I say crap?  I meant to say worldly possessions.  Because my possessions are so worldly indeed.  Despite selling a ton of stuff, giving much of it away to friends and Goodwill, and making so many trips to the dumpster that I probably could have filled it three times, I still amazingly have a ton of shit.  Wait.  I mean worldly possessions again.  Sorry.

For those of you tracking my every move (that's all three of you who are reading this), my schedule is as follows:

11/27: Portland
11/28: San Francisco
11/29: Los Altos/Mountain View/Palo Alto
11/30: Monterey
12/01: Los Angeles
12/02: Phoenix
12/03: Albuquerque*
12/04: Oklahoma City/Norman
12/06 or 12/07: Dallas/Fort Worth
12/10 or 12/11: Birmingham
12/14: Atlanta
12/15: South Florida

*Unless there is snow.  I hate snow and refuse to drive in it.  I may have to reroute through El Paso and spend the night in Midland/Odessa or somewhere equally as god awful. On second thought, sliding off the road into a ditch somewhere along I-40 may be the better option here.

I may also swing by Savannah to go to Paula Deen's restaurant.  Yes.  You read that right.  I may just drive several hours out of my way and spend money on a hotel just so I can go eat at Paula Deen's restaurant.  I can taste the butter now and it tastes yummy.



  1. I hope you make it to Paula Deen's restaurant. That's an awesome idea. Do you know if she always serves chicken? Or is anything with that amount of butter on your 'ok to eat' list too?

  2. I did make it to Paula Deen's restaurant! And good lord it was yummy! It was a buffet - including fried chicken and some other chicken, corn bread, biscuit, mac and cheese, creamed corn, sweet potato pie, and chocolate chocolate chip walnut gooey butter cake. I may have orgasmed. Twice.